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Armenia Round Table Charity Foundation

Who we are

The ecumenical Armenia Round Table Charity Foundation started on the initiative of the Armenian Apostolic Church and of the World Council of Churches, with the participation of the Armenian Catholic and Armenian Evangelical Churches.

The Round Table Charity Foundation began in 1996 (office established in 1997) and now works under the patronage of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Partiarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

Ever since the ART has brought together Armenian churches, local non-governmental organizations, and church-related partners with a shared commitment to working together to address some of the fundamental social and economic problems of the country.

In November 2004 the ART was registered as an independent legal entity in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia under the name World Council of Churches Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation.

What We Do

The World Council of Churches Armenia Inter-Church Charity Round Table Foundation (ART) is an ecumenical organization which in close collaboration with Churches and non-governmental organizations works to actively contribute to the poverty eradication, sustainable community development, active involvement of the church in the social work, overall development of civil society in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Founded in 1996 the ART has evolved its activities in diverse areas, including development, capacity building, education, peace and reconciliation, diakonia and humanitarian aid.

At present the ART focuses its activities in the areas of

  • Integrated Community Development and Diakonia;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Regional Peace and Reconciliation;
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response.

The Governing Body of ART

The governing body of ART is the Board of Trustees. It consists of seven representatives from Armenian Apostolic, Armenian Catholic and Armenian Evangelical Churches and NGOs. Main responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are the following: decisions related to the general strategy of the foundation, selection and approvement of grant programmes, overseeing the implementation of programmes, support to the ART staff during the implementation of programmes: The meetings of the Board of Trustees are called at least once in two months. 

Learn about our mission and vision here.

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Contact us

Address: Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Etchmiadzin 1101, Armenia

Tel.: +374 10 517-196; +374 10 517-198

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