We would like to introduce you Carlos Kouloumian, a participant of the paid internship program, which is being implemented within the framework of the "Bright Future for Youth" project.

My name is Carlos Kouloumian, I was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. In 2014, when I completed 10th grade, my family and I decided to move to Armenia due to the war situation. When we arrived in Armenia, I easily integrated into Yerevan’s life, as I grew up longing for my homeland. After graduating from high school in Armenia, I realized my childhood dream and applied to the Faculty of Architecture of the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction.

It was my dream, as from childhood I have always loved to create and have attended painting classes. Here in Armenia I like the architecture of the buildings and churches, the art sculptures on the buildings just breathe, for me they are unique architectural masterpieces. I hope I can have my contribution to Armenian architecture in the future. Thus, presently, as a fourth-year student, I am already doing a professional internship at the “Urban Unit” Architectural and Construction Company within the framework of the "Bright Future for Youth" project implemented by the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) and the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation.

During the internship, I participate in the works of design of buildings, measurements and etc., due to which I apply the knowledge gained through various university and extracurricular courses, as well as acquire new knowledge and skills. Thanks to this program, I get acquainted with the working process of my profession, common environment, and I believe that soon I will be able to prepare a complete architectural project on my own.
The paid internship component of the "Bright Future for Youth" project enables talented youth to be involved in the activities of the most prestigious public and private sector institutions of the Republic of Armenia, paving a way for a successful career. Through the paid internship component, students and recent graduates improve their skills by working in various environments and gaining professional experience while working side-by-side with experienced professionals.

The "Bright Future for Youth" project was launched on 1 February 2020.

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