We are happy to introduce you Meghrig Janesian, our next participant of the internship program of the "Bright Future for Youth" project…

I am Meghrig Janesian from Aleppo, Syria. Before moving to Armenia, I studied in Syria, majoring in Electronic Engineering.

I left my studies incomplete as a result of the war and with my family decided to move to Armenia, where I was sure I would find rest and continue my studies, which I had dropped out. In September 2016, I applied to the National Polytechnic University of Armenia the faculty of "Information Technologies" as a 2nd year student. I had chosen this profession taking into account the modernity of the IT sector and the job opportunities, which are being increased day by day.

Throughout academic years, I mastered C# programming, as well as HTML, JavaScript, WordPress programs, by participating in courses organized by “World Vision” Armenia, due to which I improved my professional knowledge.

In 2019 after the graduation of Bachelor's degree, I decided to pursue a career in professional work. To take my first steps, I turned to the professional internship program of the "Bright Future for Youth" project. After an interview and a few assignments, I got an internship at ITHD LLC as a Front End Developer.

During my internship I apply almost all my professional knowledge, day by day I become more skilled, self-confident in my work, as well as gain team working skills. I would like to thank this project for giving young people such an opportunity to lead them to a successful career.

The paid internship component of the “Bright Future for Youth” project enables talented youth to be involved in the activities of the most prestigious public and private sector institutions of the Republic of Armenia, paving a way for a successful career. Through the paid internship component, students and recent graduates improve their skills by working in various environments and gaining professional experience while working side-by-side with experienced professionals.
The “Bright Future for Youth” project was launched on 1 February 2020.

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