The program "Production of Shulal Carpets in Tavush" was launched on May 1 within the framework of the Social Entrepreneurship Educational Program of the WCC Armenia Round Table Charitable Foundation. It is implemented by "TELIK" socio-cultural non-governmental organization with the support of the WCC Round Table Foundation. The goal of the project is to make traditional Armenian shulal carpets, which will contribute to the solution of the problem of socially insecure, unemployed women. The proceeds from the sale of carpets produced under the program will be used to purchase raw materials to continue carpet weaving and to include other women in the program.

Armenia Round Table Carpet production in Tavush 9

Telik NGO produces shuly carpets that have long been forgotten, despite their beauty and durability. Carpets are products of high cultural value, made of environmentally friendly raw materials (wool և cotton). Natural wool rugs or carpets not only beautify the interior, but are especially necessary for people with dust allergies. Telik NGO has master classes, which have aroused a lot of interest both among tour operators and locals. This production restores this forgotten type of traditional Armenian carpet, solves the problem of employment of socially vulnerable, unemployed women, enables students to master the craft, as well as earn extra money. Thanks to the program, women will acquire new professional knowledge and skills, which will become the basis for finding a suitable job.

Armenia Round Table Carpet production in Tavush 8
The Shulal Carpet Production in Tavush program is funded by the World Council of Churches Armenian Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation's Social Entrepreneurship Education Program with the support of Brot für die Welt.

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