Twenty Syrian architecture and interior design students and recent graduates received certificates of completion from Skillshop, a high-end training center in Yerevan, which equips architects and designers with the necessary software skills to become leaders in their fields.

Since April 2018, within the framework of “Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth” joint-project implemented by the WCC-Armenian Round Table Foundation and Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO), 23 young Syrian architects and designers attended 3DsMax and Photoshop software courses at Skillshop. These classes have commenced earlier in April and aimed to develop computer skills among future Syrian refugee architects living in Armenia.

“I hope that the knowledge and skills you have acquired during the past few months will help you in your professional careers as architects and designers,” said Sarkis Balkhian, executive director of Aleppo-NGO, while addressing the graduates of the training courses. “In the future, I look forward to seeing the quality buildings and structures you end up designing and constructing in this ‘New Armenia’ of ours”.
Mr. Balkhian and Laura Samvelyan, the project coordinator of “Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth” project, were impressed by the quality of some of the final projects produced by the young, Syrian architects and designers.
“We are highly appreciative of the given opportunity to help our future professionals through such a framework. It’s always a proud deed to aid so many motivated young people,” said Arek Keshishian, the executive director of Skillshop. 
The “Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth” project is a joint effort implemented by Aleppo-NGO and WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation. The project aims to empower Syrian-Armenian youth, who escaped the ongoing conflict in Syria and settled in Armenia, through capacity building trainings, pastoral and psychological support, the provision of financial aid to students, interns and fellows, and the organization of pilgrimages and summer camps that facilitate integration with local youth. Some of the initial capacity training programs included Architecture Software Training, Conversational English Classes, First Aid Training, and Microsoft Office Courses.


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image2A new training course commenced within the framework of “Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth Project”. The beneficiaries of the project participated in a course called Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The organization of the course was made possible through the joint efforts of WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation (ART) and “Aleppo” compatriotic charitable non-governmental organization (Aleppo-NGO) .

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is defined as the art and science of communication. This course will teach the participants how to learn to empower themselves and set themselves up for success. Whether they are out to energize their health or climb up the career ladder, NLP’s set of resources will help them operate and develop a map and timeline for success.


Hagop Makdis Mousso, the main trainer of the course, started commenced the program with the following note: “Thousands of successful professionals around the world have taken the NLP course and realized that it has consistently helped them achieve the goals they set out for themselves.”

This 6-month long course will be useful for participants with different educational and employment backgrounds. The course hopes to give participants the tools to better interact with their colleagues, overcome communication issues, and become more goal-oriented.
After the completion of the course, the youth will receive certificates of participation.
“Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth” project aims to empower Syrian-Armenian youth, who escaped the ongoing conflict in Syria and settled in Armenia, through training and capacity building activities.

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Aleppo-NGO and the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, within the framework of the project "Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth", presents:
"How to Effectively Communicate and Create a CV/Resume"
The seminar will take place at the Aleppo-NGO Office on Monday, June 18th, at 18:30.

The seminar will be hosted by Professor Asbed Kotchikian, a Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Bentley University in Boston.

The workshop's focus is two-fold: The first part of the workshop will introduce the participants to some of the key "dos and don'ts" of public speaking and presenting ideas using PowerPoint. The workshop will also touch upon issues related to email and phone communication etiquette. The second half of the workshop will focus on CV and resume writing skills.

The major goals of the project are to facilitate the integration of Syrian refugee youth in Armenia, to equip them with necessary training and skills to become competitive employees in the labor market, and empower youth who escaped the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Entrance is FREE.

Address: Aleppo-NGO office, Northern Avenue 11, 1st floor.

If you have any questions, please contact the project coordinator Laura Samvelyan by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling 098545361.


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