World Council of Churches Armenia Round Table Foundation launched a project in close collaboration with “Aleppo” NGO and the Art House training Center in Yerevan. ART initiated training courses of hairdressers, make-up, stylists; catering design, as well as sewing and modeling professional qualification for Syrian refugees in Armenia.

Representatives of ART, “Aleppo” NGO and Art House training center welcomed more than 35 Syrian refugees, announcing the project launch. They were introduced the aim of the initiation, mentioning the importance of learning crafts, as employment opportunities remain a big issue especially for women and the youth in Armenia. This workforce development initiative is to contribute to the improvement of livelihoods and promote the integration of refugees in Armenia through making the socio-economic conditions of the refugee families better by providing them dignified lives. The training courses will be organized for the selected groups of Syrian refugees, particularly women who did not work in Syria.

The other important objective of the project is the continuous psycho-social support that will be organized by the priest for the affected refugees at Church St. Zoravor Astsvatsatsin in Yerevan. Psycho-social support activities will facilitate the process of refugees’ psychological adaptation and the resilience of the affected people. Psychosocial group meetings are being organized on weekly basis.



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